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Transport & distribution

Distribution in Krkonoše, Jizerské a Orlické hory region

For the company Bidfood Czech Republic s. r. o., We deliver chilled and frozen food to customers located in the mountain areas. We use specially assembled and equipped vehicles for this activity.

Our almost thirty years of experience and a serious approach guarantees that the requirements for high-quality transport are fully met and accomplished. Simply put, your products reach your customers on time.

The advantageous location of our complex near the regional cities of Hradec Králové and Pardubice, the near proximity of the D 11 motorway for easy supply of the distribution warehouse give a precondition for the fulfillment of transport orders.


Who is T.T.TRANS ?

Our company T. T. TRANS s. r. o. provides transport solutions, mainly in food distribution in the whole area of the Czech Republic.

The beginnings of the company started in 1991, when the company was called NovotnĂ˝-MTD, we began wholesale of goods and food distribution.

The Company T. T. TRANS s. r. o. has taken over and continued in transport and food distribution from 2000. The base for our business is area of NovotnĂ˝-MTD built in 1993. The complex is equipped with a refrigerated storage with a capacity of 200 euro-pallets. The warehouse is equipped with 12 ramps for different loading heights. We have parking and handling areas in the area to ensure loading or cross-docking in the morning capacity of 160 euro-pallets. Our diesel filling station with a washing area and workshop facilities for truck maintenance has also been built in the complex.

We provide complex services from storing to final hand over to the customer.

In the past, we provided picking and delivery of Danone products in our area in the period 1992–2007. We currently provide transport services to the Bidfood Czech Republic s. r. o. Our specialization is food distribution in mountain areas, especially in Krkonoše, Jizerské a Orlické hory region. We also provide further transports on the territory of the Czech Republic for 3 other customers.

Nowadays we are requesting long-term cooperation from other categories of the market for diversion of risks in the business.

We assign the vehicle´s construction exactly to customer requirements with maximum emphasis on the environmental friendliness of vehicles. To meet this condition, we have fleet of 5 respected brands of trucks. When designing trucks, we proceed very carefully based on the customer requirements. Always in the first place is to meet the requirements of the client, so some vehicles are unique in the world, but perfectly serving their purpose.
  • Vehicles 4x4 – for distribution in mountain areas
  • Vehicles 4x2 with higher vehicle gradient
  • Vehicles 4x2 for standard distribution in region
  • Vehicles 4x2 for long-range transport with emphasis on the environmental friendliness


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